A wholly-owned life insurance subsidiary of Midwest Holding, a company owned by 12,000 shareholders and growing.

The American Accumulator

The “American Accumulator” is a multi-benefit life insurance policy that combines cash value life insurance benefits with a tax deferred annuity that allows the owners of the contract to have a guaranteed life insurance benefit, with an opportunityto accumulate cash in a flexible annuity

As you live you will:

  1. 1. Create a cash estate that will help provide future funds for retirement, education, or emergency needs.
  2. 2. Earn interest on your annuity on a tax deferred basis.
  3. 3. Have flexibility to deposit additional funds into the annuity.

In the event of death:

  1. Your beneficiaries will receive the face amount of your Life Insurance Contract, plus the accumulated value of your annuity.

In the event of unexpected difficulties, you may:

  1. Borrow cash from your life insurance contract and your annuity.*
  2. Surrender your contract for the accumulated cash value.*

* Early withdrawals off annuity earnings may result in taxable income and penalties.

The Board of Directors declares the annuity interest rate based upon the Company's success. The Board has established a guaranteed minimum of 1.5%, but has declared a current rate of 4%.

At retirement exchange your contract for a supplemental contract to provide monthly income for the rest of your life.